The first drive with our Bimmer.

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We met at the garage to try to fix the broken fuel pump. Well, actually I had to leave the garage for a few hours, so I left the job for Ladislav. When I came back, he had some bad news. He told me, that the engine was generating some kind of a weird sound while being started. But while he was alone, he couldn’t find out what the problem was. So he asked me to get into the car and try to start it while he was stuck under the bonnet. I turned the key to position I, the warning lights turned off and here we go. It took one second and the engine was running. No rattling, no weird sounds. He got me, there was nothing wrong with the engine, just wanted to surprise me. And to be honest, it worked out perfectly.

So we immediately went for our first test drive. The brakes were almost not working at all, but otherwise the car was okay. Everything except of the brakes was doing it’s job. The test drive showed all the advantages of the rear wheel drive concept (yes, we tried some very gentle powerslides on the gravel), while bringing huge smiles on our faces. We did choose wisely. This is going to be a perfect donor for our Lucy girl.


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