Choosing the donor car.

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There are currently many Locost projects finished. Based on a Mk II Ford Escort. This was not really an option for us, since this car is not really available in Slovakia and we wanted something more modern. So it was obvious that we’ll build our car as a Haynes Roadster based car. So we started to look for some donor Ford Sierra. But to be honest, we did not feel like this is the right choice. So we started to look also for alternative donor cars, especially E30 and E36 BMWs. It took a while, but we found it. An E36 BMW 318i Touring with 300 000 km on the clock. The owner told us, that the engine is perfectly fine, but the fuel pump is gone, so we cannot start it. Trusting his words, we bought it. It arrived on 22nd of April 2011.

It looks beautiful in the ”brand new” garage.



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