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As indicated in the last post, we were looking forward to finally drive Luc on a racetrack. The magical date was 3rd of April 2016. The track was open from 9AM till 1PM, so I had to get cracking early in the morning. I did load Luc onto the trailer, prepared all the stuff we might need (brake fluid, coolant, tools) and hit the road. The journey itself was great. The weather was fine, people noticing, that it is something rather special on the trailer. 90 kilometers were done in no time and I was approaching the Slovakiaring race track. We met with Ladislav 30 minutes before the track was scheduled to be open. So we started to unload the car. And, as usually, Luc started to play stubborn. She just would not start. But after a few tries, se woke up to life… We let the engine warm up nicely and waited for our time to get on the track.

DSC_0014 DSC_0069

It was 8:57, when we started to approach the pit lane. 3 minutes to go. We were really tense. How is Luc going to perform? How are we going to perform? The lights switched to green so there was no more time to ask questions. The more we drove on the track, the more answers did Luc provide. She was simply awesome. Pure driving pleasure. No ABS, no power steering, no power brakes. Just me and the machine. Of course, there were a few problems. The car was a bit twitchy during gear changes, the cooling system was quite on the limit, the engine felt like having not more than 90 horsepower. But we did not really care. Because all those years of hard work were rewarded with our best driving experience so far….

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