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Five years.

That’s exactly how long it took for us to finish Luc. And when I say finished, I mean she was tready for the first testing kilometres.


We were ready for testing since a few weeks, but the weather was not with us… But then. I did not really want to go for a drive, but since I had to move Luc to my second garage and since it was such a beautiful early February day and my dad insisted we have to go for a drive, I couldn’t let him down :) We went for a short drive into the nearby village. I made not more tahn 7 kilometres, but it was clear from the beginning, that I am driving something rather special. She was just so pure, hardcore and most of all awesome. I had to call Ladislav immediately and we agreed, that he will join us tomorrow and we are going to have a bit longer drive.

The next day, the weather was a bit colder, but this could not stop us from doing what we had to do. Ladislav was the one that was driving today. Sitting at the co-driver seat was even more scary than driving the car. After the first kilometers it was clear, that this machine is not just a machine. She was alive. So hard, having the most instant response, listening to the tiniest movement of our right foot… Those 20 kilometres were really worth it. Pure driving pleasure. The best drive of our lives.

IMG-20160207-WA0027After the first drive, we found out that there are two issues. The cycle wings are not fixed good enough. They are vibrating and in extreme position hitting the headlamps. So there are these two issues, that need to fixed. But afterwards she will be ready for her first real challenge. A track day on Slovakiaring. See you there on 3rd of April…


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