Let’s put everything together

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Even though it seemed like the easiest part of the job, putting everything together was not as easy as it seemed to be. We had all the parts painted so we had to be super cautious not to damage any of the parts or scratch them. To be honest, things did not work out as good as we thought and a few scratches did miraculously appear on the panels, but we decided not to worry about them more then necessary. We will repair them later on.

So the first things that were installed were the reversing light, foglamp and the licenseplate illuminator. These were quite easy to fit without any serious problems. The next ones were the rear mudguards. We fixed them with screws, so they will be replaceble later on, should anything unexpected happen. The rear light cluster went on next. As Ladislav did mention, we hoped these days should last forever, since it was such a rewarding feeling to install more and more pieces, that made Luc look better and better.

DSC06538Seats, seatbelts, rearview mirrors (inside and outside), bonnet, exhaus, headlamps, front turn indicators… everything went according to the plan.

DSC06543 DSC06549But then. Disaster. The front cycle wings were super tricky. I did check the forums how to fix them, but since Luc does not use the Sierra suspension parts we had to figure out a different system than the one described in the book. So it took a bit of thinking, welding, grinding and the right one was ready. The left side was the tricky one. As I was drilling the holes to fix the cycle wing i accidentaly managed to drill into the tire. Damn. The next problem was, that on the left side there was not enough clearance between the side repeater and the wheel. So I had to cut the tubes holding the cycle wing, extend them, weld again. There was no place for the welder, no place for the angle grinder, trying to protect the paint… One of the worst jobs on the whole car. So I left the garage quite disappointed that day. But the next day, it did not look that bad. So we decided to keep the frame as it was and if there is any kind of a problem, we will find out during the testing period.

DSC06550The last few things that we did were the front grill, heat sheilds over the exhaust and a mesh filling the opening of the scoop. I think, that the final product looks quite good, don’t you think?



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