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The paint job. That beautiful worry of choosing the right color that will emphasize the beauty of our creation… At the beginning we did plan to do everything ourselves. But since the paint job is such a complex and know-how requiring job, we decided to leave this job for a professional. I just knew the right person for the job. A colleague of mine. A guy, working in his small garage. A guy, that prefers customer satisfaction rather then a huge paycheck. A guy, that has the right passion for the job. So all we had to do was load the car and choose the right color.

WP_20150906_005 WP_20150906_013At the beginning we had one condition from my grandma. She is going to let us use her garrage for free for as long as we need it, but the car cannot be black. So this color was not an option. We though that white will be fine and during the built we had no need to change this decision. White, with orange stripes. Exactly as the Caterham R500. But just a few weeks before the paint job, we changed out minds. She is going to be red. With beautiful black front cycle wings, aeroscreen and wheels. So the decision was made. Red. But which red, there is a milion shades of red. But before starting to browse the catalogs, our paint specialist showed us one color, he had on stock. It was beautiful. Then he took the sample to sunlight and it was no longer beautiful. It was just astonishing. So the decision was made in 10 seconds. Red, definitely red. But not just some kind of red. ITALIAN RED. Pure beauty. Choosing a high gloss black was not a problem and we also changed our minds with the color of the wheels, we changed black to a more crisp metallic grey.

So we left Luc at the garage and waited for the result. It took almost three weeks, but finally the parts were ready. The job was done in a really professional way. The colors, the finish, everything was top class. So we were really happy. Lets get cracking and put everything together…

DSC_0247 DSC06528 DSC06533Here we would like to thank Juraj Hlaváč for a fast and top quality job.

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