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A lot of small things had to finished before the paint job. Drilling of the holes for the rear mudguards, fixing of the hood scoop, aeroscreen and so on. These may look like absolutely no time consuming things, but the reality was quite different. I tried to finish as much as possible during the weekends and the most complicated jobs were done together with my mate. It took more then a month to finish all these little things, but after all, everything was ready.

AutoSo, to check if everything works, we had to go for a drive. And boy it was just fantastic. After four and a half years of hard work, we finally burned some petrol and tyres. One of the most rewarding days of the whole project. We did not motre than 4 kilometers, but it felt like heaven. Pure driving pleasure. So we were pretty sure, that Luc is ready for the paint job.

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