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Hi guys.
As posted in the last update, most of the main body panels were ready to be installed. I have started with the one that seemed to be the toughest challenge – the rear panel. It was bent in a U-shape, but a lot of work was still lying ahead. At first I’ve fixed the panel to the rear of the car with clamps. I’ve drawn the outline of the car onto the panel, added 30mm all over the outline and cut the panel. Then the top and bottom was bent over the chassis rails to form a nice and smooth edge. When I was happy with the bends and radii, the panel was riveted to the chassis. The last step ment to drill and cut all the necessary holes for the foglamp, reversing light and licence plate illumination.


The next panels waiting to be installed were the side panels. These were bent completely, so installing them was a piece of cake. A little bit of trimming here, a little bit of drilling there and the panels were ready to be riveted to the chassis. The job was ready in a few hours. They brought the car to a completely new visual level.

DSC06437The next step was the scuttle panel.

DSC06452 modifiedThe last panel was the hood. And to be honest this one was the most challenging. Bending and trimming of the hood was not that complicated, but since the engine is so high we had to cut a HUGE hole into the bonnet. The problem then was, how should we cover it to make it look good.

WP_20150522_014After a few brainstorms we decidet to make a glassfibre scoop. The plan was to create a polystyrene mould, that will be transformed into gypsum and the filled with glassfibre. The first idea was to make a local bulge. But to be honest, this looked super rubbish.


So a few more brainstorms followed and the decision was made to create a muscle car like scoop. Yes, it looks a bit “Fast and Furious” like, but this was the best idea we had. So we decided to go this way. If the final result will be rubbish, we will have to figure out something new. We will see, after the car is finished.


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