Bending the main body panels

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The big day had finally arrived. It was middle of April. Not too hot, nor too cold. Quite a perfect weather. We met early in the morning, since we had to load the car and transport it to a nearby city to bend the pannels. My mate arrived right after his night shift, but despite being tired the mood was quite high. At first we have starded the engine. This is often quite an issue since Lucy is quite stubborn, but not today. She was so happy to go, that she did start immediately. The engine had established a beutiful idle, so we did let it warm up nicely. The next step was to load the car. This was easier to be said, then done, but after an hour the car was on the trailer and the convoy was ready to leave.

P1060952 P1060958

And when I say convoy, boy I do mean it. My red RS towing the trailer with Luc and my mate’s blue RS being the safety car.

P1060973Walkie-talkies fully charged, so we hit the road. Those 90 kilometers was one of the best driving experiences of our lives. Both RSeses pulling hard, overtaking useless Peugeots and Dacias. Communication through the walkie-talkies was great, warning each other of the dangerous situations ahead, sharing the pure joy of every successful overtaking manouvre but most of all, noticing the pure pleasure of the people we just passed by. This tiny little convoy justĀ  made everyone’s day. It was so nice to share the passion with others, that the trip was over in a no time and we were approaching our destination.

Everything went according to the plan at 9:20 we were reversing into the hall, where the whole bending job was supposed to take place.

P1050358After a short “discussion” on how the work should proceed we did start. Bending the two radii of the rear panel was done as first. This went quite well. Afterwards, we bent the scuttle pannel. This was also quite simple so the job was done in an hour. The next step was the hood. Since the engine is too tall, we had to dismount the intake manifold. Bending of the hood took a bit longer since the shape is more complicated with varrying radius, but with propper mashines there was nothing that could stop us. After successfully bending the previously mentioned pannels, only the two side pannels were left. These required the most time. Precisely measure the shape, cut the aluminium, bend the main shape, adjust after fitting to the chassis, bend again, trim again and so on, and so on.

P1050364At 4PM we were ready. All the pannels were done. Most of them needed additional trimming, but nothing, that couldn’t be done in the garage. On this occasion I think it is necessary to say a big thank you to “Tomi” that was so kind and lent us all the machines and equipment without which we would definitely not be able to make such a professional job on the pannels. Also the help of “Laci” and my mate’s dad is highly appriciated.

The transport home was as good as the one in the morning. We had so much fun during the way. Just felt like TopGear on one of their great road trips. After arriving home, we parked Luc back to the garage, with the pannels ready to be installed. What a beautiful day. Can’t wait to install the pannels…

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