Let’s get cracking on the exhaust

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This was a rather nasty week but to postpone this “meet-up” was not an option.

The Girl was waiting for us as usually, so we started with a classic warm-up chat and then decided to get crackin’ !


Exhaust was almost ready, needed som welding, trimming and fitting, but was done in a timely matter. Which is for many reasons not that obvious for me and my mate. After this was done, the rear electrical cabling needed to be shortened… Maybe  I forgot to mention that what this “meet-up” was all about …. “test the loudness of the exhaust” A.K.A Let’s have another drive ….


“Lucy” had a different opinion on this one, so after all the preparations we experienced a “choke after gas”. Panic broke out since none of us can handle situations like this. Massive brainstorm session and google usage was resonating through the garage. After having a false hope that is was just the low pressure in the fuel system caused by the low level of fuel in the tank, we fired the beast up and brought the biggest smiles out to have a simple, not far away from dreams, saturday drive.


We were very much satisfied with the exhaust and the sound that escorts us throughout the rev range,but…


The choking problem was still present around 10% of the time …


My mate was able to get a good use of the non-choking 90% part …

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