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Hello guys. It has been a long time since our last post, but we’ve been really busy. As you might have noticed, there was something like a promise posted in one of our updates. We were pretty sure, that we will be able to finish the car until April 2014. And as you might have noticed, this is not going to happen, since it is October already and we are not done yet. So I can promise you, that there are not going to be any more promises concernig the day until the car is going to be ready.

In the last months we did not have too much time to work on the car. We bought a trailer so we will be able to transport the car without any problems.

Photo0104We have also started to manufacture a gear lever extension, but it is not ready yet, so we cannot proceed with the gear lever assembly.

A two pieces of aluminium metal plates were also cut and bended to fit into the car. Working with aluminium is quite difficult, so there is plenty of things we will have to master until we will be confident enough to start to work on the more complicated body pannels.

The last thing that was done until now is the dashboard. We’ve started with a PMMA pannel, that was shaped and trimmed to fit. We’ve incorporated the headlamp switches from the donor BMW. Also the instrument cluster is going to be used. Things are in progress with the dashboard, but so far it looks neat and tidy. Will give you an update as soon as it is completely done.

The progress of this yer was not too rapid, but still, could be worse. There are still a few months left, so hopefully we will be able to spend more time in the garage during the long winter evenings. So if everything goes acoording to the plan, the car will be ready… Wait a second… No more promises…

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