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I went to the the garage right at the beginning of the new year to continue the work on Luc. The first thing that I started to work on was the aluminium pannel behind the seats. As I found out, cutting and trimming the aluminium is quite a tough job, but after a few hours the pannel was ready. I did use a special base paint which was covered with another layer of regular black paint afterwards. The whole pannel was riveted to the chassis, so we hopefully won’t need to remove it anymore.


The next step was to construct an adjustable seat harness for the driver’s seat. We bougt seat runners from UK, so this part of the job was done, but I had to figure out a way to fix the seats to the seat runners and then the seat runners to the car, without raising the seat too high. It took a bit of thinkinkg (and a bit of my engineering genius :)), but I figured out a system, that seemed to be working. It took a lot of welding and edging, but at the end the seat was fully adjustable and even 5mm lower than with the original non adjustable design. So from now on we both will be able to find the ideal driving position.

DSC06028 DSC06029

The next week we met at the garage planning to finally finish the wiring loom at the back and at he front. The back was not a problem. A few cables were shortened, clipped where necessary and the cables were ready with the connectors situated in the right place, ready to be connected to the rear light cluster.


We thought we do the same at the front. So started with the fuse box, which was full of unnecessary fuses. So we removed them one after the other until we thought every unnecessary one is removed. To be sure, that we had made everything correctly, we’we tried to start the car, but, as you might assume, the car was completely dead. So we had to reconnect the removed fuses once again, until the car’s electrical system was alive again. After this we decided to start the third weight shedding loop to remove the rest of the unnnecessary cables from the fuse box. I took a while, but at the evening all of these cables were cut leaving nothing but the necessary ones.


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