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As we’ve promissed in the last post, Luc is going to be ready till end of April next year. To meet this plan we had to get cracking again. So we’ve started with an order from CarBuliderSolutions. We ordered things like fuel filter, new stering wheel, but mainly the lighting units (front, rear lights, foglamps, etc.). The pars were delivered in less than two weeks, so we were very satisfied with the service provided.

DSC06016So we met a few days after the goods were delivered. We started with the change of the fuel filter. Since this one was much smaller than the original BMW one we found a new place to install it. Along with the filter we’ve also changed the complete fuel lines to copper ones.


Afterwards we’ ve also fixed the brake lines every 250mm so we won’t have problems later at the IVA. Tha last thing we wanted to finish was the seat fixation. In the package from UK we had ordered seat runners, so the driver seat will be adjustable. The problem was, we run out of steel and couldn’t properly fix the seat runners to the seats and the car. And since it was already late afternoon, we decided to end the session here and continue the next time….

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