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As autumn was comming to its end and winter was approaching, we’ve planned one last meeting before the final withdrawal of Luc into the garage. We chose one weekend in early-november. Even though we had no idea about the weather, when the weekend was planned, the actual saturday turned out to be an awesom autumn day. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, everything was fine. We couldn’t create a better day even if we wanted to.

We met in the garage in the morning, already knowing, that this day is going to be more fun than hard work. So we’ve tried to start the engine after a few months of relax. And as always, Luc started her usual procedure. The angine started immediately, but after a few seconds it stalled and would not start again. So we tried it a few more times and as the battery was coming to its end we tried a special trick. We disconnected the air flow sensor and the engine was alive again. Afterwards, we tried to troubleshoot the choking problem which was present the last time. But as the engine was warming up, the problem simply disappeared. So we’we established, that the problem is some false air getting into the system and decided to worry about the problem later, when the engine sealings are going to be replaced. So we were ready for the driving. But as we tried to leave the garage we almost teared off the fuel filter. So it was aparent, that it will have to be changed for a spaller one, since the original BMW one is too big and does not provide sufficient ride height…

After all we finally got out, with the car ready to be driven. Ladislav was the first one behind the wheel and I was on the passenger seat. Damn. The smallest movement of the gas peadal resulted in such an ewesome acceleration, that I was smiling like a complete idiot… After swithing our positions I got behind the wheel and was shocked once again. One can simply not be prepared for the acceleration, that such a lightweight car is capable of….  Damn…

After we had enough of driving, we reversed the car back to the garage and put it on the jack(ass) stands. We had also disassembled the left upper wishbone, since the ball joint was stuck in it. This meant that a new front wishbone will have to be made. And the fuel filter will have to be changed the next time… But this was not important. We had a great day. The best autumn day we can imagine :)


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