The day when we almost went for a drive

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As mentioned in the previous post, everything was ready for our first drive. So the scenario for this day was very simple. Change the old clutch cylinder (shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes) and go for a drive. We were so looking forward to this moment. But, as always, something has to go wrong. It was the clutch this time. It seemed like the small plastic pivot pin was broken and the clutch release lever was no longer in its place. This ment, that the cluth was not operating. And as it usually goes, no clutch, no drivig. Damn. We were disappointed. We tried to fix the problem, at least temporarily, but it was hopeless. The engine had to be removed from the car, the pivot changed. But we were so disappointed, that we were not able to do this. So we at least went for a drive with my car and decided to worry about the clutch later.

So the next weekend I removed the engine, disconnected the gearbox and found out what the problem was. We were right. The small plastic pin was broken.

DSC05647 DSC05645

After changing the pivot, I’ve reassembled the clutch and placed the engine back into the chassis. If nothing else, we tried if it is possible to remove the engine. Practise makes the master…


After bleeding the clutch once more, the car was ready for its first drive. Well, when I say ready, I mean, no exhaust, no properly fixed seats, no properly fixed electics, but definitely driveable. Well at least we hoped so. Will find out during the next meeting…

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