The brakes

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The complete brake lines were custom made. We bought a few meters of a copper tube. This was then cut on the go to precisely fit where intended to be installed. This was the time, when Ladislav’s RC model buider history came very handy. The device which we used to make the cones at the end of the lines required precision, patience and a fine touch. Not a single quality of mine. So to be at least a little bit helpful, I made some finishing touches with the pedal box, fuel lines and other details. The work was progressing nicely and in the afternoon the fuel lines were ready. The next few days were spent with a refurbishment of the brake kalipers. These were sandblasted and painted. The rusty pistons were changed along with the old and worn rubber sleeves. Since the old BMW disks were dead, new disks were also installed.


DSC05631 DSC05629

The last thing that had to be done was to fill the system with brake fluid, to bleed the brake and clutch system, to lower the car from the jack(ass) stands and to get ready for the first drive. A bit more on that in the next post…

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