Starting the engine for the second time

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After fitting all the necessary stuff, as mentioned above, we wanted to start the engine again, to see if everhing works as it should. Of course it did not. And of course, as always, the panic broke out. We haven’t modified anything important for the engine except of the fuel tank. So this was where we thought the problem might be. We have chcked everything. Fuele lines, filter, fuel pumps, electronics, board computers, everything. But Lucy did not start. The problem seemed to be so serious, that we gave up. In the next few days the simpliest idea came into my mind. To check the spark plugs. So I’ve removed them one after another. They were completely wet and full of petrol. So I have “started” the engine without the spark plugs to allow all of the unnecessary petrol to get out from the cylinders. After reinstalling the spark plugs, it took one second of starting and the engine was running again…

Having calmed down, that everything is fine, we started to work on the scuttle pannel. It is made of steel, rather than fibreglass. Sure it’s a bit heavier, but easier and faster to make.


In thist phase we have also started to place the electronics where we thought it belongs and will later be fixed in the car.


Since the car was on jack(ass) stands at the moment, I did bend the fuel lines and fixed them to the bottom of the car using the BMW clips.

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