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After succesfully starting the engine, there was only one thing on our mind. How the hell could we go for a drive. But this was impossible without all the small things, that were not finished yet. For example the pedal box. Since our donor was not a Sierra, we had to modify the pedal box as well. The clutch is hydraulic rather than mechanical, the brake master cilinder is completely different than the sierra one. So this took also a little bit of engineering, but after all our modified pedal box was ready.


As the next step we wanted to solve the cooling. We bought a Renault Cangoo radiator, but after had tryed to fit it, we realized, it was too big. Fortunately, we were able to change it for a Clio one. This one was OK, so we have fixed it and afterwards modified and manufactured all the hoses which were needed to fully complete the cooling system.


The “last” thing that was absolutely necessary for a drive was a fuel tank. We are particullary proud of this one. Since we wanted to keep the fuel tank concept used in the BMW, along with two fuel pumps, this also¬† had to be modified. It was custom designed, manufactured from stainless steel, welded by my father and to be honest, it looks great.





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