Let’s bring her to life.

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The day started as always. A little bit of a chat in the morning, discussing the time plan for the day and there we go. The first thing we had to do was to remove the electrics from the donor. Since the car was almost totally striped out on the inside, the removal of the wiring was a piece of cake. Afterwards, we cut the unnecessary cables and temporarily placed the wiring over the chassis. The fuel tank and the radiator were also temporarily fitted so we could start the engine.

DSC05420 DSC05422 DSC05418

So we placed in the battery turned the key and… Nothing. Damn. As usually, the panic broke out. We did check the cables, but everything seemed to be OK. We were quite sad, but we didn’t give up. Decided to go for lunch and try again later. When we came back, we realized, that the engine was not connected to the -pole. So we did this, but it also didnt help. But as we moved around the car, I heard a weird noise. Like something was boiling. And in fact, it really was. It was the battery. So now we knew, it was short circuited somewhere. After a short brainstorming with Ladislav’s father, we started to look for the problem in the starter motor area. After all, we found out, that the starter motor was short circuited. Since the battery was dead, we took the one from my car and gave it one more try. Now, the starter was turning the engine, but it didnt start yet. But hell it was close…

I had to leave the garage for an hour or two at this point. It was terrible. I knew we are so close, but I promised my uncle to pick up some friends of his. You can imagine my driving style while hurrying back to the garage. After I came back we went for it one last time. Ladislav turned the key, I was holding the gas, to let more fuel into the cylinders if necessary. The starter was turning the engine, some cylinders got the first fuel, spark plugs working and suddenly. Bang, another one, another one, another one. Hell yeah. The engine was running. Very far from being smooth, but it was running. No words can express the feeling we felt. In just 16 months we have transformed a few pieces of metal into something, that was alive. This day is forever written in our hearts. It was just unbelievable, too beautiful to be true. But hell yeah it was true. Just have a look:

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