The story of a steering rack

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After removing the steering rack from the BMW it was obvious, it does not fit into the chassis. we did try to modify it to make it fit, to save some money, but it was hopeless. So we decided to use a different steering rack. We found plenty of used steering racks from a Skoda Favorit. This was perfect. It was short enough to fit into the chassis.


After extending the steering shaft, the steering column was constructed and the steering was shaping nicely.


After all, the steering was ready. It looked good, we were happy, that the front wheels were almost connected with the steering wheel (the steering rack extensions were not fitted yet) and everything was fine.

I a few days I was in the garage alone. And since I had a chance to enjoy Luc a little bit, I did sit in, enjoyed beeing in the car, that I am building with my mate. So I turn the steering wheel to the right and…. Disaster. The wheels turn to the left. I did immediately get out of the car to see what’s going on. The problem was obvious. The Skoda steering is connected to the uprights at the back and the BMW one at the front. So we had an opposite steering rack. Damn. So there was no other way than to remove the Skoda steering rack and to order a new Ford Escort one from UK. This arrived an a week or two. After modifiyng the steering rack supports, the new steering went in. We did combine it from the Escort one and the Skoda one, so it was long enough and the extensions were not needed. At least some positive news…

But anyway, as somebody wise once said: It’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes.

You can check out the correct steering rack on the next pictures.

DSC05413 DSC05414 DSC05411


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