Inserting the driveshaft

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This may have looked like a piece of cake, but at the end it wasn’t.  Insert the differencial and conect the engine with the back wheels. As always, we needed some help with this one. My uncle was very kind and helped with the shortening of the driveshaft on a lathe. Afterwards it was re-welded by my dad and redy to be painted.


A similar procedure was carried out with the differencial. The main shaft sealing had to be changed along with the oil. Afterwards it was painted and ready to by fixed to the car. As we found out, it was a little bit asymmetric, so we had to modify the fixing points and also the chassis a little bit.


After this was done, it was the time to connect the engine with the differencial. This was the hardest part for sure. Even though we kept all the flexible parts from the BMW, we were quite afraid that we will not be able to center the differencial correctly. So we spent hours with adjusting the engine, gearbox and the differencial position. But we could not be sure everything was fine, until the car was driveable. So we just let it be, hoping that in the future we will not need to modify the driveshaft, or the engine position…

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