Roll bar, floor, suspension

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During the christmas holiday I did work in the garage alone. There was a plenty of things to do and since it was possible to make them alone, Ladislav’s presence was not required. One of the things that were done was the roll bar. A local friend with a bending maschine helped with this one. I was a bit afraid, if we will be able to make it precise enough, but at the end it looked very good. The roll bar itself was bended longer than required, so I had to cut it and trim it to fit to the chassis. Afterwards the stiffening rods were added and tack welded together. It made Lucy looking great…


Exept of this, I have started to prepare the floor. It was cut from a 2mm thick steel sheet, painted and afterwards tack welded to the bottom of the car while beeing sealed with Sika-Flex.


In the meantime, the parts which were ordered at GTS Tuning did finally arrive. Suspension, seats, nose cone and the polyurathane bushes. So everything was ready for the assembly of the suspension.


Before we started to assemble the suspension, the chassis was painted.



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