Removing the engine from the donor

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We had to make a decision. Remove the engine from the donor in this phase of the built, or wait a bit for a better weather and do something else in the meantime. But since the chassis needed adjustments to accomodate the different engine, we chose to remove it from the BMW so we could make the necessary adjustments and manufacture the engine holders. So on 29th of December in a blistering cold we met at 6:30 in the morning and got to work. All we had was a service manual for the car a few tools and that was it.



After removing the radiator, air filter and the upper intake manifold we ran into a problem.

DSC04885To disconnect the alternaror and the other electric connectors, the lower intake manifold had to be removed as well. Since this was our first engine removal, we were a bit afraid of doing so. But since there was no other way we gave it a shot. The lower intake manifold was removed in a few hours.


Afterwards we started to disconnect the the gearbox from the BMW body. Things went quite well, so in the evening the engine was ready to be removed…


Of course we had to fit the engine into the chassis immediately.


So it took a full day, we were cold like hell, Ladislav got some serious backache, but I think it was worth it. The engine was out. Our Lucy was once again closer to come alive. All she needed was a heart transplant, which was planned for the next few months…

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