The day when we finally went for a drive

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This was the moment that we were waiting for. Waiting for 2 years, thinking of it all the time when something was not adding up, when things were not going smootly at all and we felt like going backwards.


As “she” rolled out though, I was having problems to hold the camera tight. Immediately I realized that this was a whole different look than the one while parking in the garage.


Of course “she” is not ready at all. I mean the time to build, many problems and hours of clueless stares are forcing you at a point like this to glue all the cables, not bother about the exhaust and basically all the parts that are not needed for a drive.


We coud say, that it was indeed necessary to test the mechanical and electrical parts. How are they able to work together for the only purpose this car was built for. DRIVE.


And NO, it was not necessary at all, but BOY it was fun ! Actually FUN can’t express the real deal by far.


But please, be our gest and have a peak at the videos below….

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