Constructing the wishbones

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It was time to start to work on the wishbones.

The firs step was obvious. To prepare the jigs. Afterwards we tack welded the wishbones themselves. But since our car is not a Sierra based one, we had to make some serious modifications. The front lower wishbone was left unchanged. But the upper one was made shorter, so the self designed new upright cuold be installed, while maintaining enough caster.



A similar situation occured at the back. The BMW upright are absolutely not suitable for the upright holders desctribed at the book, so we had to modify these. The next issue was the length of the shafts. The BMW ones are a bit shorter than the Sierra ones, so we had to shorten also the wishbones.


The wheel hubs had to be trimmed so thay could be fitted to a modified book like upright.


Completing the uprights and the wishbones took approximately 35 hours of work.


But the result is astonishing. Just have a look.

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