The first real milestone

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It’s been a long time since we spent a weekend in the garage. Almost two months, so now we were full of enthusiasm. It was the time to tack weld the suspension brackets. Even though it is only 16 brackets for the whole car, this job needs to be done precisely, since the brackets are holding the uprights and therefore their position does have a direct impact on the geometry and the handling of the car. So we tried not to mess the things up.


We did use the same jigs, as described in the book.


The more problematic part was the back end. No jigs were available here and, as we found out, there was a little difference between the left and the right side. So we split the difference to both sides and hoped that the corrected position is going to be fine later in the build.


After all, we were satisfied wit the results, so the brackets were fully welded afterwards.

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