Let’s get cracking

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Since everything was ready we started the actual build. As the first step we did draw the layout of the first layer of the chassis. Afterwards we started to cut the steel and tack weld the chassis rails together.

We did stick to the plan described in the book, which was pretty much a mistake, since it suggests that the best way to stat the chassis is to tack weld the nose at first. But this is so complicated, we suggest to start wit the other parts and work on the nose after gaining some experience.

DSC04200We didn’t cut the steel at once, but trimmed every piece separately and this seems to be a good idea. My welding skills were improving with every piece of metal tacked to it’s place. On the other hand, Ladislav was doing a great job on assisting with cutting the steel and his attention to detail was very helpful. We were working as a well oiled machine and did a good progress. The chassis was shaping nicely, although it still looked like a boat.



To tack weld the first part of the chassis took almost two days. A few more hours were spent on fixing the nose, which, as mentioned above, was made as the first step and therefore wasn’t precise enough.

Afterwards, my father helped us with the welding of this part of the chassis, so we were very satisfied with the progress we made during these two days.

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