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The first drive with our Bimmer.

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We met at the garage to try to fix the broken fuel pump. Well, actually I had to leave the garage for a few hours, so I left the job for Ladislav. When I came back, he had some bad news. He told me, that the engine was generating some kind of a weird sound […]


Choosing the donor car.

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There are currently many Locost projects finished. Based on a Mk II Ford Escort. This was not really an option for us, since this car is not really available in Slovakia and we wanted something more modern. So it was obvious that we’ll build our car as a Haynes Roadster based car. So we started […]


Well, we do need a garage, don’t we?

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Even though, we live in different cities, we didn’t have a problem to choose the correct spot to build our dream car. It is an old garage at my grandmother’s house. It was used as a warehouse, so we had to prepare it to be suitable for our purposes. At the beginning it looked like […]