So, this is how it all began…

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We did not really want to build a Lotus 7 replica. The plan was very simple. To buy a second hand BMW 325i E30, make it as light as possible, install a roll-cage and enter some amateur hill climb racing series. But after seeing a particular episode of TopGear, in which the boys bought the […]


Well, we do need a garage, don’t we?

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Even though, we live in different cities, we didn’t have a problem to choose the correct spot to build our dream car. It is an old garage at my grandmother’s house. It was used as a warehouse, so we had to prepare it to be suitable for our purposes. At the beginning it looked like […]


Choosing the donor car.

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There are currently many Locost projects finished. Based on a Mk II Ford Escort. This was not really an option for us, since this car is not really available in Slovakia and we wanted something more modern. So it was obvious that we’ll build our car as a Haynes Roadster based car. So we started […]


The first drive with our Bimmer.

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We met at the garage to try to fix the broken fuel pump. Well, actually I had to leave the garage for a few hours, so I left the job for Ladislav. When I came back, he had some bad news. He told me, that the engine was generating some kind of a weird sound […]


Pre-build preparations

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Before we could finally get to the point and start to build the car itself, we had to prepare the board on which the chassis is going to be built. It was a wooden board of 1250x2500mm supported by wooden blocks from underneath. Since we did not have a professional saw to cut the metal, […]


Let’s get cracking

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Since everything was ready we started the actual build. As the first step we did draw the layout of the first layer of the chassis. Afterwards we started to cut the steel and tack weld the chassis rails together. We did stick to the plan described in the book, which was pretty much a mistake, […]


Another succesful day

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We met in the garage late in the evening today. Stated to work on the rear of the car for an hour or two. The next day we woke up very early and continued where stopped the day before. The work seemed to progress slowly. The rear of the car is full of short rails, […]


The first real milestone

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It’s been a long time since we spent a weekend in the garage. Almost two months, so now we were full of enthusiasm. It was the time to tack weld the suspension brackets. Even though it is only 16 brackets for the whole car, this job needs to be done precisely, since the brackets are […]


Constructing the wishbones

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It was time to start to work on the wishbones. The firs step was obvious. To prepare the jigs. Afterwards we tack welded the wishbones themselves. But since our car is not a Sierra based one, we had to make some serious modifications. The front lower wishbone was left unchanged. But the upper one was […]


Removing the engine from the donor

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We had to make a decision. Remove the engine from the donor in this phase of the built, or wait a bit for a better weather and do something else in the meantime. But since the chassis needed adjustments to accomodate the different engine, we chose to remove it from the BMW so we could […]


Roll bar, floor, suspension

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During the christmas holiday I did work in the garage alone. There was a plenty of things to do and since it was possible to make them alone, Ladislav’s presence was not required. One of the things that were done was the roll bar. A local friend with a bending maschine helped with this one. […]


Ready to roll?

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This was a big moment. We have started to assemble the suspension. Insert the polyurathane bushes, secure the lower and upper ball joints, fix the uprights, insert the coilovers and the front left suspension is ready. After repeated on the other side and at the back, Luc was almost ready to be put on wheels. […]


Inserting the driveshaft

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This may have looked like a piece of cake, but at the end it wasn’t.  Insert the differencial and conect the engine with the back wheels. As always, we needed some help with this one. My uncle was very kind and helped with the shortening of the driveshaft on a lathe. Afterwards it was re-welded […]


The story of a steering rack

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After removing the steering rack from the BMW it was obvious, it does not fit into the chassis. we did try to modify it to make it fit, to save some money, but it was hopeless. So we decided to use a different steering rack. We found plenty of used steering racks from a Skoda […]


Let’s bring her to life.

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The day started as always. A little bit of a chat in the morning, discussing the time plan for the day and there we go. The first thing we had to do was to remove the electrics from the donor. Since the car was almost totally striped out on the inside, the removal of the […]


All the necessary stuff

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After succesfully starting the engine, there was only one thing on our mind. How the hell could we go for a drive. But this was impossible without all the small things, that were not finished yet. For example the pedal box. Since our donor was not a Sierra, we had to modify the pedal box […]


Starting the engine for the second time

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After fitting all the necessary stuff, as mentioned above, we wanted to start the engine again, to see if everhing works as it should. Of course it did not. And of course, as always, the panic broke out. We haven’t modified anything important for the engine except of the fuel tank. So this was where […]


The brakes

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The complete brake lines were custom made. We bought a few meters of a copper tube. This was then cut on the go to precisely fit where intended to be installed. This was the time, when Ladislav’s RC model buider history came very handy. The device which we used to make the cones at the […]


The day when we almost went for a drive

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As mentioned in the previous post, everything was ready for our first drive. So the scenario for this day was very simple. Change the old clutch cylinder (shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes) and go for a drive. We were so looking forward to this moment. But, as always, something has to go wrong. It […]


The day when we finally went for a drive

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This was the moment that we were waiting for. Waiting for 2 years, thinking of it all the time when something was not adding up, when things were not going smootly at all and we felt like going backwards. As “she” rolled out though, I was having problems to hold the camera tight. Immediately I […]


Let’s get cracking on the exhaust

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This was a rather nasty week but to postpone this “meet-up” was not an option. The Girl was waiting for us as usually, so we started with a classic warm-up chat and then decided to get crackin’ ! Exhaust was almost ready, needed som welding, trimming and fitting, but was done in a timely matter. […]


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As the summer was approaching we had less and less time to work in the garage. Summer holidays, a lot of work at our regular job and so on, ment, we were forced to pospone our regular meetings for a few months. To stay “motivated” we at least manged to organize a road trip to […]



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As autumn was comming to its end and winter was approaching, we’ve planned one last meeting before the final withdrawal of Luc into the garage. We chose one weekend in early-november. Even though we had no idea about the weather, when the weekend was planned, the actual saturday turned out to be an awesom autumn […]



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As we’ve promissed in the last post, Luc is going to be ready till end of April next year. To meet this plan we had to get cracking again. So we’ve started with an order from CarBuliderSolutions. We ordered things like fuel filter, new stering wheel, but mainly the lighting units (front, rear lights, foglamps, […]



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I went to the the garage right at the beginning of the new year to continue the work on Luc. The first thing that I started to work on was the aluminium pannel behind the seats. As I found out, cutting and trimming the aluminium is quite a tough job, but after a few hours […]



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Hello guys. It has been a long time since our last post, but we’ve been really busy. As you might have noticed, there was something like a promise posted in one of our updates. We were pretty sure, that we will be able to finish the car until April 2014. And as you might have […]



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Hi guys. Once again a post that follows after quite a long time. In the past few months we have started to work on the body panels. The panels for the transmission tunnel were manufactured, trimmed and painted, so they are ready to be installed after the gear lever extension arrives. The gear lever extension […]


Bending the main body panels

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The big day had finally arrived. It was middle of April. Not too hot, nor too cold. Quite a perfect weather. We met early in the morning, since we had to load the car and transport it to a nearby city to bend the pannels. My mate arrived right after his night shift, but despite […]



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Hi guys. As posted in the last update, most of the main body panels were ready to be installed. I have started with the one that seemed to be the toughest challenge – the rear panel. It was bent in a U-shape, but a lot of work was still lying ahead. At first I’ve fixed […]



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A lot of small things had to finished before the paint job. Drilling of the holes for the rear mudguards, fixing of the hood scoop, aeroscreen and so on. These may look like absolutely no time consuming things, but the reality was quite different. I tried to finish as much as possible during the weekends […]



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The paint job. That beautiful worry of choosing the right color that will emphasize the beauty of our creation… At the beginning we did plan to do everything ourselves. But since the paint job is such a complex and know-how requiring job, we decided to leave this job for a professional. I just knew the […]


Let’s put everything together

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Even though it seemed like the easiest part of the job, putting everything together was not as easy as it seemed to be. We had all the parts painted so we had to be super cautious not to damage any of the parts or scratch them. To be honest, things did not work out as […]



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Five years. That’s exactly how long it took for us to finish Luc. And when I say finished, I mean she was tready for the first testing kilometres. We were ready for testing since a few weeks, but the weather was not with us… But then. I did not really want to go for a […]



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As indicated in the last post, we were looking forward to finally drive Luc on a racetrack. The magical date was 3rd of April 2016. The track was open from 9AM till 1PM, so I had to get cracking early in the morning. I did load Luc onto the trailer, prepared all the stuff we […]